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Industrial Evaporator

In optimizing the design of an Industrial Evaporator, another important consideration is the steam economy (kg of liquid evaporated per kilogram of steam used). The best way to achieve high economies is to use a multi effect evaporator, whereby the vapor from one effect – is used to heat the fed in the next effect, where boiling occurs at lower pressure. Thermo-compression of the vapor, whereby the vapor will condense at a temperature high enough to be reused for the next effect through compression, will also increase efficiency.

Types of Industrial Evaporator

  • Falling Film Evaporator

  • Forced Cirulation Evaporator

  • Rising Film Evaporator

  • Multi Effect Evaporator

  • Agitated Thin Film Evaporator

Our Unit

Our manufacturing unit is in Hyderabad and we are the leading suppliers and exporters of our products to different chemical industries and cities. The cities which we covers are mentioned below:

  • Vizag

  • Mumbai

  • Delhi

  • Bengaluru

  • Jaipur

  • Pune

  • Chennai

  • Ahmadabad

  • Indore

  • Panipat