040-65741790       ISO 9001:2015

Short Path Evaporator

(Short Path Destillation)

In the Short Path Evaporator, a vertical condenser is placed inside the wiped evaporation chamber. This results in a very short distance between the heating and condensing surface. The pressure drop across the system is minimized and evaporation in the pressure range below 1 mbar is feasible. Due to the short residence time, highly temperature sensitive substances and compounds with high molecular weight can be purified at high purities and yields.


  • Short residence time

  • Less pressure drop

  • Suitable for viscous fluid

  • Flexibility in operation

  • Operate under very high vacuum


  • Evaporation of Oil and Wax Fractions from Petroleum

  • Fractionating of Waxes into hard and super hard Waxes

  • Stripping Solvents and Dimers form all kinds of Resins

  • Distillation of Mono-glycerides from Di and Triglycerides

  • Concentration of Omega-3-fatty acids

  • Evaporation of Methylester

  • Concentration of Vitamin-E, (Tocotrienol & Tocopherol) spantem