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Distillation Column

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KEP is a leading expert and innovative solutions provider for a range of Distillation-Column. Types of Distillation Column.

Continuous and batch distillation
Single- and multi-stage distillation
Extractive distillation
Azeotropic distillation

Our portfolio product includes a unique and complete range of the best performing, state-of-the-art column internals:

  • Structured packing
  • Random packing
  • Phase separators
  • Column internals (distributors and collectors)
  • Trays (Bubble cap,Sieve tray etc)
The cyclic mode allows process intensification of mass transfer in the Distillation Column. The introduction of this mass transfer mode at industrial scale can provide considerable benefits in terms of:
  • Lower capital expenditure (CapEx) due to the lower number of trays required
  • Reduced energy requirements and significant savings in operating costs (OpEx)
  • Increased quality of the products, due to higher separation efficiency
  • Higher yield and equipment capacity as compared to conventional distillation

Using our distillation columns you have less investment and low maintenance cost, because it has high efficiency of mass transfer as a results - smaller diameter and lower height of distillation column.

In pharmaceutical, chemical, dye-manufacturing solvents are used on a regular basis. For economical operation KEP is providing following systems to recover the solvents with high purity.
  • Methanol recovery distillation column
  • Ethanol recovery distillation column
  • Toluene - THF distillation column
  • IPA - water separation system