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Forced Circulation Evaporator

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Forced Circulation Evaporator

Forced Circulation Evaporator for concentration of high viscosity material and products with higher solids. This is also used as evaporative crystallizer. To achieve desired concentration Falling Film Evaporator followed by Forced Circulation Evaporator is used to minimize the operating cost. In this type of evaporator, the liquid is pumped through tube side of Calandria at high velocity avoiding precipitation and fouling the liquid is then passed through vapor separator for separation of vapor. Concentrated liquid is continuously discharged from bottom of the vapor separator with pump.


  • High TDS Effluent Concentrate
  • Tomato Juice concentrate
  • Brine liquid concentration
  • Recovery of metal salts
  • Concentration of Pharma and textile effluent


  • Fouling of tubes is minimized
  • High Recirculation is to be maintained inside the tubes by recirculation pump
  • High TDS and viscous liquid concentration