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Stripper Column

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KEPs expertise in manufacturing different type of stripper column for solvent removal from effluent feed stream.

Types of Stripper Column

Packed Stripping Column
Tray stripping column

High-performance stripping column is specially designed for various applications like low boiler solvent removal from Effluent Water, de-acidification and deodorization of fats and oils in refining plants. Low boiling solvents like methanol, ethanol, IPA will be removed from effluent by the joint action of the stripping steam and vacuum. Steam requirement will come down by KEP’s optimum design where the heat recovery is done at every stage.

KEP Stripper column design for continuous operation, no stagnant zone in system, high turbulence and special packing design and self-cleaning system KEP mainly supplying stripper columns in pharmaceutical Industries, in which Low-boiling solvents would be recovered from the effluent before feeding to Multi Effect evaprator and Forced Circulation Evaporator.