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Falling Film Evaporator

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Falling Film Evaporator

The tubular Falling Film Evaporator is specifically suited for processing temperature sensitive products with a low viscosity and tendency for fouling. The liquid to be concentrated is fed to the top of the Calandria and Properly distributed in such a way as to falling, feed in-side the tubes will form a thin layer in-side tube. Because of external heating, liquid film starts to evaporate.

The downward flow, caused initially by gravity, is enhanced by the parallel, downward flow of the vapors formed. Residual film liquid and vapor is separated in the lower part of the calandria and in the downstream Vapor Separator. The total system is operating under vacuum depending upon the application.


  • Design Features: High heat transfer coefficient, Thermal vapor re-compression, short residence time
  • Multiple Effects used for the steam economy
  • Operate under vacuum
  • Fouling across the tube is less
  • Easy to Start, Operate, Clean and
  • Low Pressure drop


  • For liquids which contain small quantities of solids and have a low to moderate tendency to form encrustations
  • Dairy Industries for milk concentration
  • Food industries: Juice concentration
  • Low Concentration RO reject Concentration
  • Chemical product
  • Pharmaceutical product Concentration